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Podcasting was one of several IndieWebCamp 2015 Brainstorming sessions.

Archived from: http://etherpad.indiewebcamp.com/podcasting


General Discussion

What is Stitcher? Lily: subscribe and listen to podcasts without downloading them. Good for mobile users who don't have a lot of space.

A podcast publisher has to publish to Stitcher similar to publishing to iTunes. Also is curation, since they only allow podcasts with a certain number of listeners. Stitcher downloads the mp3 and publishes it as a streaming service to the Stitcher clients. Listeners use the stitcher website and apps. Stitcher also publishes listen count.

Podlove: plugin for WordPress, podlove.org

Seriously Simple Podcasting WordPress plugin. (https://wordpress.org/plugins/seriously-simple-podcasting/)

 - allows self-hosting

Consuming microformats-enabled podcasts - Monocle puts an in-line embed so you can listen within the feed. - I think Woodwind does similar

An MVP (minimum viable podcast)

  1. Host mp3 files on internet archive http://archive.org
  2. host XML Feed and logo on a cheap/free web host (the only itunes requirement)

Recording software

Own your URLs!

  • Create the iTunes URL on your own domain, send a temporary redirect to the backend iTunes feed you're using (libsyn, etc)
  • If you move backend feed providers, make sure the IDs for each stay the same so that clients don't re-download old episodes.
  • Better: The URLs of your mp3 files should also be on your own domain, and send a temporary redirect to the place the mp3 is actually hosted (libsyn, S3, archive.org, etc)
  • another benefit to hosting your own mp3 URLs is you get to do your own download counting.
  • See unmung.com for podcast rss to mf2 translation


  • Transportini podcast, microformats markup: http://www.transportini.com/
  • Late Night Toast podcast, microformats markup based on Transportini :) http://latenighttoast.com
  • Aaron: next step is to make an aggregate web page for things recorded at Open Roads Broadcasting, consuming the RSS feeds of all the podcasts and creating a new web page with microformats, also publishing a new iTunes feed.

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