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Personal Website Demos at IndieWebCamp Berlin 2016.

It appears notes were only taken in chat, no etherpad. If you have more information about any of the demos, please expand this page.


  • http://justonestep.de (site is no longer up as of 2023-06-30)
  • Wants to implement IndieAuth this weekend
  • And work on another domain (sideproject) she launched last week
  • wireshell.pw

Frederic Marx


  • Sebastian Greger, http://sebastiangreger.net
  • Sebastian is POSSE’ing, and syndicating to Twitter and LinkedIn. Pulling in things through Bridgy. All running on WordPress.
  • “Pretty good at producing spaghetti code”
  • Wants to get away from the linear “screen” thinking
  • “want to contextualise”
  • Wants to talk about opening up the indieweb movement (this was also done during the Brighton one! See 2016/Brighton/lightson)


  • https://treora.com
  • Not on Twitter/Facebook/all the other things
  • how to improve browsers to make you more independent on the web
  • prototyping his own “web browser kind of thing” - http://webmemex.org
  • “a browser in your browser so you can browse while you browse”
  • showing of opening indieweb.org within webmemex
  • You create a personal mind-map while browsing, and you can make notes/add links during your browsing session
  • want to increase his web presence this weekend

Sven Knebel

  • Sven Knebel, https://www.svenknebel.de/
  • Posting is still hard to do for sknebel, creating files on the server and running scripts is the current workflow. So his website seems to have 1 post per indiewebcamp so far.
  • This is his third indiewebcamp


  • references the Mozilla Code of Conduct, good to have reminders about those!

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