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IndieWebCamp LA 2016 Planning



Your organizers for IndieWebCamp LA 2016:


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Any questions about volunteering? Ask one of the organizers in IRC.

To Do

Organizers, feel free to take these tasks and either quickly do them, or claim them (to work on them) and your name in front of the item.


Invite IRC People and prior Indieweb/HWC participants in area:


General areas/roles of responsibility that we need organizer / volunteer help with.

  • Venue:
  • Food:
  • Signs:
  • Video equipment for broadcasting (and hopefully recording) demos:
  • ...
  • What are the number of rooms available simultaneously, capacity, and facilities in the event we break into groups?
    • room 1, size, capacity, display(s)
    • room 2, size, capacity, display(s)
    • room 3, size, capacity, display(s)
    • ...
  • Do we have Large (4x6 or bigger) sticky notes?
  • ... have sharpies?

Initial Planning

This is an archive of the initial planning for IndieWebCamp LA 2016, originally found here.

2016-11-04โ€ฆ06 IndieWebCamp Los Angeles is planned and dates are firm!

Check out specific planning details:

Interested in attending: