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Indieweb Feed Readers was a session at IndieWebCamp MIT 2016.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/readers



  • Kurtis (session facilitator)
  • Aaron
  • Cassie
  • mlncn
  • Dmitri
  • Tantek
  • ... more, please add yourself if you were here!


  • has been using Known, but it does not have a built-in Reader
  • How do I mimic the way I interact with Twitter but in an indieweb environment

Woodwind in an indieweb reader

Known just pushed an update, which allows you to log in to Woodwind with your URL and your own password

  • the old way was using rel=me and a twitter login

KevinMarks demoing Woodwind

  • finds a post in the reader
  • clicks repost, and syndicates the repost to Twitter
  • finds another post, writes a reply. posted to Known and also on Twitter



  • mostly reads twitter home timeline
  • follows 1100-ish people


  • wants a toggle at authorship time, to indicate the post's relative importance

some discussion about automatically finding the relative importance of a post

topic-based aggregators like news.indiewebcamp.com

Dmitri: Using an RSS/Atom reader

  • then going through ridiculous lengths to make Atom feeds from things like Facebook feeds
  • using things like IFTTT


  • old-style RSS readers are dead, if the reader can't interact with the post directly
  • stopped using Twitter because it's noisy and mostly now third-person content
  • twitter used to be "what are you doing right now" so the content was high qualtiy and empathetic
  • now it is 99% people posting links to other peoples' stuff and is disconnected
  • Kurtis: do you feel the method you're using now gets closer to the first-person content?
  • Tantek: instagram still has that feel. 99% of the posts are from the person taking the picture

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