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IndieWeb Summit 2016 Planning



Your organizers for IndieWeb Summit 2016:


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Any questions about volunteering? Ask one of the organizers in IRC.

To Do

Organizers, feel free to take these tasks and either quickly do them, or claim them (to work on them) and your name in front of the item.

  • All the usual subpage creations
  • plan keynotes and overall schedule
  • prepare slides if giving any part of the keynotes
  • assemble name badges before the event
  • . . .

Graphics / Design

This year we will have hanging name badges, and we have the opportunity to put inserts inside the badges as well.

Cheat Sheets

Shane Becker I'm down to design these. Especially, if someone wants to help with the writing part.


Each cheat sheet should fit on a two-sided 4x6" piece of paper. They will be printed in black and white to keep costs down, unless there is a strong reason they should be printed in color.

Alternative: Single 8x11" sheet, folds into a booklet.

For microformats we made fold-up booklets from normal 8x11 paper that progressively revealed the most immediately/commonly/intro useful stuff first as you flipped through it and unfolded it. I think it had 16 individual "pages", double-sided.

Could we do attachment with a corner hole-punch like OSBridge nametags, all you need is a hole-punch that can punch through 16 layers of paper.

The nice thing about an 8x11 form factor (that you can fold up) is that it empowers people to print more for their friends.


Please create cheat sheets in HTML or SVG, to allow the greatest flexibility of maintaining them in the future.

content and substance
  • Set up web sign-in - describe setting up rel=me links to be able to sign in to the wiki
  • Microformats2 - examples of various h-entrys and h-cards
  • Webmention - brief outline of how to send and receive Webmentions, with links to more info
  • Take notes! - direct people to etherpad, mini MediaWiki syntax reference
  • Any other building blocks that would help people advance their IndieMark (it's a proxy for useful indieweb features)
  • ...
See also


General areas/roles of responsibility that we need organizer / volunteer help with.

  • Lunch pickup for day 2:
    • anomalily
    • gRegorLove
  • . . .


  • . . .

Initial Planning

This is an archive of the initial planning for IndieWebCamp Summit 2016, originally found here.

2016-06-?? Annual IndieWeb Summit (in Portland ESRI R&D and likely Brighton? other cities)

Possible dates:

  • 2016-06-04..05 IS A GO
    • +1 Tantek Çelik currently I can make this, though June is filling up quick, would prefer locking down *a* date sooner rather than later.
    • +1 Aaron Parecki
    • +1 gRegor Morrill works for me currently.
    • ...


  • update why definition, header to focus on the positive rather than be a reaction to silos.

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