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Other Web Standards was a session at IndieWebCamp Berlin 2017 looking at Web standards that are not part of the core technologies of the indieweb community.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/webstandards

IndieWebCamp Berlin 2017

Session: Other Web Standards

When: 2017-11-04 15:30



  • Gerben is running this session, has been following the IndieWeb for a while and looking at how we just “make stuff”.
  • W3C WGs working on similar things, less pragmatic and more theoretical.
  • Commercial websites imagining their own things for their many (many-many-many) clients.
  • Can we get more collaboration out of these things?
  • Often a NIH feeling on the different projects. Gerben would like to see more of a hippie feeling where everyone mixes it up.
  • Joschi Kuphal: Diversity is also very valuable. It is not 1 standard against the other, different perspectives and implementations for the same thing are still fine to have. Always a compromise if you are forcing them all together, and might end up missing valuable details.
  • IndieWeb: we want to collaborate but have different solutions, as long as they interact.
  • Maybe IndieWeb is bashing other standard too harsh? The wiki can sometimes dismiss standards a bit too quickly: https://indieweb.org/RDF
  • RDFa
    • Semantic Web, more XML solves everything.
    • There is good stuff in every spec.
  • Format / dictionary you are using. Microformats has the format and ontology being the same, as the only one.
  • Microdata was deprecated a while ago when the editor’s draft at W3C went without authors. 2012–2013? 5 months ago people started working on it again, and it is a candidate recomendation suddenly again.
  • RDFa might be the most potential system, open ontology.
  • RDFa vocab for microformats? Did Amy make this?
  • See also http://micrometa.jkphl.is/ for Joschi’s implementation of parsing multiple formats into a single output format.
  • ActivityPub, based on ActivityStreams, is a transport protocol for activities on the web.
    • Brdigy Fed is something to keep look on.

copyright anotations?

rel=bookmark is article scope!

  • W3C WG often need more usecases. Microformats and IndieWeb people seem to be very pragmatic, why not try give them more feedback and usecases?
  • Add more linking to external working groups, who are working on social things? Interesting IndieWeb things?