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Checkins was a session at IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf 2017 about checkins, naturally.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggNX9UwfX_w (44:43)

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/checkins



The eternal question is: what is the difference between geotagged notes and checkins?

Checkin = time + location

  • 'I was here at this time.'

Foursquare is venue-first. First make a venue, then check in to it.

But the end result is:

  • who posted it
  • name of the place
  • time
  • and some details like photo's

For Aaronpk, checkins are NOT photos or notes.

  • Checkins are marked up with his photo + 'at VenueName'.
  • The time and location of posts are always below, but for checkins they are at the top too.
  • On the permalink, there's a map on top too.

70% to 80% of 'automated checkins' on Foursquare are bad checkins. It's very hard to detect the right venue. So, venue selecting is needed.

Swarm does offline checkin. It saves the location and lets you pick the venue when you're online again.

Offline checkin = record GPS location. No venue caching, no inferring.

Aaronpk has no information about the venues separate from the posts.

The Micropub endpoint did not change, it's just a checkin property with an embedded h-card with the venue.

Venues are inside the posts. Which preserve the venue from the time at the checkin.

But: there's no relational stuff like "you've been here before", but you could index it later. You don't need that to start.

All the things Swarm says are send to the checkin via OwnYourSwarm as webmentions. The Swarm-coins are a separate microformats property.

If you go to the same place a lot vs a lot of places once... then a venue database could be nice. Also for non-Swarm venues: do you want to put your house on Swarm?

Aaronpk: I want to keep sending data to Foursquare, because they give me value back. (in the form of connecting with friends and places you previously ate / been).

He hides the checkins that have no note or photo from the homepage.