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WordPress Shrug? was a session at IndieWeb Summit 2017.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/wordpress-shrug
Video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvWpm1JlNj4

IndieWeb Summit 2017

Session: WordPress Shrug?

When: 2017-06-24 14:00

hashtag: #wordpress

chat: #indieweb-wordpress on IRC Freenode


Questions / Topics

  • State of IndieWeb in WordPress
    • Core support is nonexistant
    • There are plugins (IndieWeb plugin, which also links out to a bunch of other plugins, including Webmention, Semantic-Linkbacks, Microformats2, Post Kinds, Micropub, Syndication Links, IndieWeb PressThis, Bridgy Publish)
  • What is the canonical text to give people as an introduction for WordPress / IndieWeb?
  • Are there some good themes for IndieWeb?
    • SemPress (also responsive)
    • ZenPress
    • Independent Publisher (basic support)
  • How will Gutenberg ( https://wordpress.github.io/gutenberg/ ) impact IndieWeb?
    • Next Gen Editor for WP 5.0 (javascript heavy)
    • content block based
    • should be able to create own block types (example loction block)
    • post-formats going to go away
  • What's the best path forward to help accelrate adoption of IndieWeb in WordPress?
    • Advocacy at WordCamps.
    • Work with the Jetpack team to advocate for integration in Jetpack
  • How much should we care about IndieWeb-ifying WordPress.com? And other similar locked down, managed WordPress hosts?
    • Definitely a lot, but it should be built in, not bolted on externally like Bridgy's WordPress.com support, etc.
  • Is there a way to structure my WordPress site to choose specific types of content on the "front page" and content segregated elsewhere?
    • Yes! GWG gave a good answer, as did Snarfed.
    • You can hide categories, tags, or post-kinds from the front page.
    • Setup wizard/ onboarding - in indieweb plugin (Creating ActionItem below)
      • What are the right questions to ask? What are the proper answers?
        • Simplest universal approach: 1) what things do you want to create? 2) What things do you want to show on your home page?
        • Alternative: Offer a few clear opens (Show everything in a stream vs Show everything in it's category (Known style)
        • Mascot? Cat - teach/walk you through indieweb
  • Is there a fix for issues with front page webmentions?
    • Yes, there is a setting now in the Webmentions plugin (under Settings -> Discussion) that provides for this.
  • DreamHost creating 1 click instatablle wordpress that integrates fully with micro.blog

Action Items

  • GWG to create an issue for leveraging the Indieweb plugin as an onboarding engine for Gen 2 users.
  • cleverdevil, Scott Jenson, and MichelleJL will spend some time tag teaming the UI/UX.
  • Anomalily will write explainer blog post and/or docs.