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Displaying Responses was a session at IndieWebCamp Berlin 2018.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/responses
Video available on YouTube: https://youtu.be/WPAp4_1dHkQ

IndieWebCamp Berlin 2018
Session: Displaying Responses
When: 2018-11-03 15:05




  • general challenge Tantek ran into: nonsense comments on his tweets. These get send to his site via Bridgy.
    • also liking and retweeting by people with offensive profile pictures
    • if you are showing comments and other content by other people on your site, you might be hosting content you don't want on your site
  • Twitter seems to hide comments now, if they are marked / identified as offensive
    • tantek tries to find spam, but can't really, tries to find historic abuse via webmention.io
  • Marty finds: https://martymcgui.re/2017/09/25/162422/
    • which is a reply on tantek's post, which mentions Marty (and GWG)
    • If I leave native comment on muy Known site I get collbered with spam but not with webmentions (yet?)
    • I want to add some metrics to avatars like: https://webmentionavatar.glitch.me/ this was my idea for second degree, the counts of how often they have interacted with my domain

Turn off "Start The SEO Framework" plugin if you have it - it will fill your tweets with giant images of your avatar

  • it made tantek consider not showing responses from Twitter at all
  • can't display comments of any kind without moderation / spam filtering
  • Greg wants full webmention moderation on 100% of display VOUCH could reduce the number of manual moderation by automating accept list urls
  • Tantek notes VOUCH is a "secondary degree of trust" rather than "web of trust"
  • Marty notes that vouch traditionally is an introduction, a handshake
  • Tantek notes we are talking about three groups, people I trust, people that people I trust follow, everybody else
    • Kind of like Google+ and their circles (they are getting rid of it and closing down)

The way of getting rid of uninvited annoying people on your party: first block the intruders, then talk with your friend who brought them. The second step can't be automated, it's a social process.

  • I want to lock my door as first step, make you ring the bell,
  • the point of voice is to model this part of the social process, as a social process.

accept list, second degree of accept list, all others

Maybe different display strategies on each?

1. accept list:

  • icon, name, summary

2. second degree:

  • icon and name, but no content?

3. all others

  • summarize in a count

4. blocked or muted

  • show nothing

Hiding / Lack of content is a good way to slow down debate and maybe make it more rational and less reactive.


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