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This page is for planning IndieWebCamp NYC 2018!

Thursday Night Meetup

Thursday Night IndieWeb Social - a chance to meet informally folks before the camp


  • Venue
  • Sponsor (nice to have but not essential)


Seidenberg School Spaces; 163 William Street, New York, NY:

  • Room Descriptions-Booked Thurs-Sat
    • Seidenberg Lounge – Open space that can seat about 50-60 people with a large screen TV for presentations.
    • Design Factory Room – Capacity is 12-15 people and a TV can be provided for presentations.
    • Collab Area – Open space area that can seat 26 people. A TV can be provided for presentations.
    • VC Conference Room – Capacity is 12 and the room is already set up with 2 TVs for presentations.
  • Remote equipment
    • {add yourself here}}
    • Greg McVerry I will get a list of equipment I can bring.

Options: (please note your opinions/thoughts below!)

  • I went earlier for European remote. We can move


Completed planning tasks.

Date Planning

This is an archive of the initial planning for 2018/NYC, originally found here.

Interested in participating!

Interested? Add yourself above and to the dates below with whether you can make it (pref) or not (+1/0/-1).

Dates - planning for September:

  • Possible Venues and Partners Contacted
    • Trying to team with university school club to get space for free.
    • NYU Computer Science Clubs and Computer Science Department (made follow up phone contact).
    • Hunter College
    • Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY (declined no space during academic year)
    • Parsons College
    • Teachers College at Columbia University
    • Snowball tweet and LinkedIn to nonprofits
    • Pace University
    • The Equity Project Charter School
    • Renaissance Charter High School for Innovation
    • Harlem Hebrew Language Academy Charter School
    • Inwood Academy for Leadership Charter School
    • Harlem Link Charter School (Declined, would need one fiscal year to plan)
    • Harbor Science and Arts Charter School (will not reply to 7/16)
    • Zeta Charter Schools
    • Success Academy
    • TechConnect Columbus NYC Library Branch
    • TechConnect at NYPL
    • The Cathedral School
    • Practical Programming
    • TiE Network Manhattan Chapter
    • Galvanize Code School
    • Code Now NYC
    • New York Urban League
    • Emma Hodge, Dalberg Associates (Dalberg is moving offices and unavailable)
    • Kelly Yin New York Library
    • Digital Storytelling Lab University of Columbia
    • HiveNYC-bringing up IWC at next Board meeting 2018-07-16
    • Meeting with Pace University Computer Science 7/23 11 am edt
      • Had phone meeting on 7/23 with Melanie Madera. She is checking our date options against their space. They prefer 26-28 as they do not have security on the 29th but if we need Sunday she is checking their other Manhattan campus which is open Sunday. Dean very interested in bringing IWC to campus.
      • Follow up message sent 7/27 told will have firm answer week of 7/30
    • Meeting with Kelly Yim, Director of Adult Learning 7/24 3 pm edt
      • Had a meeting, event must be free, Looking at either the Bronx Library Center or thr 53rd Street Branch
      • Will call me by end of week with space availability.
      • Libraries closed on Sunday. Will have to do Fri-Sat
      • Follow up email sent on 7/30
  • Possible Keynotes
    • Jess Klein UX and Open Source Communities (invited)
    • Ioana Literat Building Infrastructure for Participatory Learning (invited)
    • Atul Varma Decentralized Browsers and/or those with the Least need IndieWeb the most (invited)
  • Confirmed Keynote
    • Maha Bali Increasing Equity Through Remote Participation (remote)
  • Possible Sponsors
  • Data Intelligence

Previous NYC Planning

Previous attempt at planning an IWC NYC earlier in 2018

Previously could help co-organize:

Old Possible dates: