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sl007 wants to know about searching

  • in Mastodon you can search for hashtags, but that is limited
  • sl007 wants a lexical index to search the text
  • Mastodon doesn't let you search the public timeline
    • There is no 'one public timeline' (there are multiple nodes)
  • the Mastodon community does not like the hashtag-search
    • it makes it too easy to find people you don't know, are not connected to

Aaronpk has indexed all his content in Elasticsearch

  • it is it's own database, it's own service, not a distributed thing
  • indiechat.search.cweiske.de also uses this to index the chatlogs

To have a full search on all the sites, you would have to centralize your search database

  • You can distribute that central place, but it's not decentralized.


  • I want to find things I have seen before (like from reader-data)
  • want to find new things
    • start with the content from his social circle: find what friends have on that thing.
  • Sven: you can ask your own database, and ask the API's of your friends for the same things.

Aaronpk does not want to participate in the global timeline

  • The Global timeline is why people hate twitter.
  • Mastodon's global timeline is still relative to the node you ask for it, and contains only what the node knows about.


  • ...

Jeremy Cherfas

  • wants to find things he has seen before, that he can remember
  • How would I take something I know, and look for relative things other people he knows know
  • aaronpk: we are limited in that we can only search for text, not for the concepts itself

The indieweb search engine

  • go to your own search db
  • go to your following page
  • go to all the search dbs from your following
    • private content would be the same problem as private feeds / would be handled by the same flow as discussed earlier today in the IndieAuth session

Open Search

How to get relevant results?

  • date posted
  • social distance

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