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Private Posts was a session at IndieWebCamp Amsterdam 2019.

Video: ▶️34:50s

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/privateposts

IndieWebCamp Amsterdam 2019
Session: Private Posts
When: 2019-09-28 12:20



Tantek Çelik is not yet owning checkins as there's no capability for private posts on their website. They use Swarm so it's possible to restrict who can access it, and limit things down, especially as it's "incredibly timely location data" ( Marty McGuire)

Sebastiaan Andeweg shared the process of logging in to their own website, using their own website (confusingly!) with some new markup for private posts (indicated with little padlocks) showing i.e. /checkins also can use /private on their site This also is used for draft posts, as they're private with themselves

Question from the room: how are things shared? Seb can decide whether certain users can read it, or anyone who's logged in

Aaron Parecki: the maintenance task of managing who friends are and who aren't is pushing them away from this

Sebastiaan Andeweg: I allow checkins for everyone who's logged in

Greg McVerry Known has private, public, and members only posts. https://github.com/idno/known/issues/2481

Greg McVerry password protects some pages/posts and shares password privately

ton mentions it's nice to be able to shape how privacy can be worked aside from just "this is only for me" to more conversations

ton wants to look at certain levels of tweaking of content i.e. "my daughter" vs "<name>" depending on who is being talked to - would need to be some way of understanding that and sharing it IRL there's a conversation but other people can be listening (even if not intended)

  • Greg McVerry boyd's idea of context collapse when unattentend audiences listen

ton: How do we mimic the things we do as humans in person, and make them work online?

Template:sonniesedge mentions that some folks have different silo accounts for different intended audiences,

Val: want to be able to easily change ...

Sebastiaan Andeweg has the ability to edit their own posts when they're logged in as themselves, which only works for Sebastiaan Andeweg

Sebastiaan Andeweg demos the way that they can add another audience member

Template:sonniesedge I generate my site statically and you need something dynamic for this.

Question to the group from   Jamie Tanna: how to do this with static content?

Visibility: private

Tantek Çelik wants to have a private post to allow for drafting

Aaron Parecki mentions about what to do with the publish date - date that it was first created, or date that it was actually pushed live

  Jamie Tanna has drafts on Git branches and then pushes it live with the latest date when it's ready to go live

revision history isn't likely shared with folks

  • WordPress kind of works the way Tantek Çelik is describing or is that more "draft" than private

Tantek Çelik uses and on changes

  • This would be neat if it was automated

  Jamie Tanna has git history once they're in a nice way, but rewrites the history up until the publish date because it's generally horrible and not helpful!

Conversations around redirects to allow both the draft URL and the published URL

Val: What does everything thinks about privacy online?

???: Privacy is what each person's personal approach. What are different ways that you can make your own belief about privacy known, and act upon it with different solutions.

Sebsel: it's nice to have checkins, and I want to have them. Still debating whether I want to use Swarm, though it is working fine for now. If I manage it in this way, it is data about my, stored by me, controlled by me.

Conversation around the security / safety aspect of the checkins - for some folks (marginalised or otherwise) you don't want to announce where you are at a very specific location + time One option is to make sure that it's published later i.e. 10 days later Greg McVerry I keep my checkins unlisted but public, try to use them more to track family events

ton: I publish as a way to let folks know that I'm coming to town

seb: two kinds of privacy person-to-person privacy and person to business

val: ... and person to government privacy. I want to put as little content online as possible.

Ton spent a lot of time fighting online shopping / etc when expecting daughter, going to extreme lengths to avoid it (see https://www.forbes.com/sites/kashmirhill/2012/02/16/how-target-figured-out-a-teen-girl-was-pregnant-before-her-father-did/)

Tantek Çelik: You can put out a profile of yourself that'll allow others to piece together a view of yourself _that you want_ them to see

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