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Critical Gradebooks was a session at IndieWebCamp New Haven 2019.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/gradebook

IndieWebCamp New Haven 2019
Session: Critical Gradebooks
When: 2019-03-30 14:15




  • Mozilla backpack
  • Badger sky

Greg McVerry showed example of a badge from one of his courses Greg McVerry showed http://rubrics.glitch.me/



https://haxtheweb.org/ - for headless posting (not too dissimilar to the micropub idea

  • many of us use RSS readers as gradebooks
    • set up filters ans encourage tagging
    • learning how to tag is often "one more thing" and students in general are not great at tagging
  • Can we use microformat parsers as a gradebook?
    • How do you build dashboards to tabulate
  • Webmention feedback loop
    • reflection drives learning
    • Greg McVerry uses webmentions for positive praise and native comments (students do not approve the comments) for sending growth statements.
  • Can you use HTML Parsers
    • Greg McVerry idea score series of posts on some quality scale
      • see what frequency of HTML elements best predict quality
      • Develop smart tutorial chatbots around those areas
      • Develop growth curve models

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