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IndieWebCamp Online 2019 Planning is for keeping track of all things for organizers and volunteers to make IndieWebCamp Online 2019 an awesome time for all!

We haven't had an Indiewebcamp Online since 2014/Online. Let's start talking about bringing back the medium.

Venue: Internet!

Can help co-organize:


Saturday, March 9, 2019 to Sunday, March 10, 2019.

To Do

  • Determine conference technology to be used
    • Currently investigating Jitsi


IWC Components

  • Kick-off Presentations
  • Intros
  • Session Planning
    • Frameadate.org, either the service or our own hosted install
  • Sessions
  • Hack Day Kick-off
  • Projects
  • Demos

Goals / Ideas for Online Medium

Eddie Hinkle posted a long winded speech about various ideas for IWC Online. Here are some points:

  • We were thinking about it being a melding of synchronous and asynchronous.
  • Intros and Demos should be synchronous with everyone together in a single chat room.
  • Instead of having a "time-block" of say 4 hours where all the sessions take place, propose sessions and then people who are interested in the session can suggest times during a 1 day window, then the time that works for the most people becomes when that session happens.

Eddie Hinkle suggested that we could have different "digital rooms" via Google Hangouts or whatever other streaming platform we use. This would allow for more collaboration among peers than you can get when everyone is in a single digital room. This could especially be useful during the projects time.

Greg McVerry proposed the idea of having the ability for there to be multiple versions of the same topic in different timezones.

Template:jgmac1006 we should offer a "naptime" session where parents can suggest a time when they will be available based on nap schedules and that actual start times might be a bit squishy

Possible physical locations using HWCs

Greg McVerry pointed out that we could coordinate with Homebrew Website Clubs and IndieWeb Meetups that don't have a local IndieWebCamp to meet together during IWC Online.

One way and two-way sessions

We may want to include one-way sessions with a Q=A at the

Examples of other online conferences

Include Lightning Round Research Talks

  • Blogcon 2003-2006 used to have academics present on blogging research. Thinking of doing somethign similar at online where research is submitted for peer review and accepted sessions can do a remote lightning round to present their work.
  • Probably not ready for March, but leaving idea here for future Online..still like idea of lightning round talks.

Schedule Proposal

  • Day One: Pre-Camp Session-Focus on tutorials for people who want to join but may not be on chat, the wiki, have a website, need directions on etherpad or mediawiki markup
  • Day Two (March 9):
    • Keynotes and Intros live, then asynchronous session proposals. If interest see if Australian/Pacific/Asian want a live session in their time slot.
    • Offer session slots in two timezones, really a session is gran a friend and an etherpad.
    • People propose their sessions. Instead of traditional grid just have a 24 hour calendar and session organizers block out their hour. Session organizer chooses either auido Template:mumble or video (use IndieWeb account and YouTube live, can have six simultaneous streams_
  • Day Three (March 10)
    • Hack day, Participants sign up for 5 hours over a the 24 hour period. Each hour timeslot has an associated trackpad. Do checkins at 30 intervals
    • Need an agreed upon time for live demos. Each YouTube Live event can have ten participants, may want to due a cue. Having multiple streams with multiple guests is a bandwidth hog.

Meeting Notes

IndieWebCamp [online] [2019] Session: [planning meeting 2019-01-21]



  • Review Dates
  • Review current planning notes
  • Choose Time for common session
    • Looking for common time for intro and demos times
    • Discussed having different live sessions in different time zones
  • Revist session format
  • Encouraging "checkins" on hack day?
  • Choose technology for Welcome / Demos
  • Choose technology for sessions


  • Dates confirmed for March 9-10, 2019
  • Intro sessions will be live at 5 UTC
  • Austrailan organizer welcome to do intro session in that times zone
  • Demos will be live but scheduled 15:00 local in PSt, EST, and Berlin
  • Sessions
    • A grid will be made available in advance
    • We weill also allow for impromptu sessions
    • We will use etherpad for the session grid
    • Offer a presession for anyone who wants help
  • On hackday have "rooms" available
    • Potentially with topics like: Getting Started, Wordpress, Micropub, IndieAuth, Water cooler
    • Have organizers hang out in said rooms in case people stop by
    • Encourage people to start their own Bird of a Feather rooms


  • Set up IWC Online 2019 Etherpad Session Planning

Please note that all contributions to this pad and other IndieWebCamp documents are considered to be released under the public domain according to CC0.


  • now that date is confirmed need a new page on wiki compelted by Greg McVerry
  • write up instructions for Etherpad Session Planning

Example Session Planning


  • Topic: Displaying webmentions
  • Facilitator Template:name
  • Proposed Timeslots
    • Please put a +1 to times you can make
    • 12-1
    • 1-2
    • 2-3
    • 3-4
  • Final Time Slot
  • Recording URl
  • Etherpad


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