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Let's Talk About Webmentions was a session at IndieWebCamp SF 2019.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/webmentions

IndiewebCamp SF 2019
Let's Talk About Webmentions
When: 2019-12-07 11:40



  • Syncrhonous vs Asynchornous
  • Real time webmention display UX is desired
  • Display webmentions before verification
  • Discussing possible abuse problem with showing unverified webmentions
  • Need to read the webmention permalink anyway to get type of mention, author, content etc. so it's not clear it helps speed up displaying to postpone verifying


  • Asynchronous
  • Real time display
  • Avoid / minimize abuse

Community management good examples and early leaders

"Your community is defined by the worst case scenario you allow"

  • Caterina Fake - standards set in Flickr

Jeremy Keith had experience with running an Irish Music Website. Learned that if you allow blustery / pissy posts, then what you don't see is all the quiet people that don't post. They see the negative vibe and don't bother posting. No analytics can track that. There was a silent majority who didn't bother to participate because they saw the blustery/pissy folks posting.

Most people are very cool if you set expectations.

If someone is posting it on their own website the chances of it being negative are greatly reduced, compared to you just have a text area on someone else's website that you can type into.

David remembers rings of trust from a previous IndieWebCamp

  • people you definitely know
  • people you sort of know
  • everybody else

How do you decide who you trust? Who you will allow thru, and who you will scrutinize.

What should you display from the entire entry? Summary?

Webmention forms on your site

Add a parameter to the form so you can track how many "manual" webmentions you are receiving.

Third party tools, there are many more now

link verification needs to verify an actual link, rather than do a plain text link search

does anyone reverify their webmentions?

limits on how much of a receiving webmention you store


  • limit the retrieved HTML below some maximum
  • verify the type of the file is not am image or video

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