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Read Posts / indiebookclub was a session at IndieWebCamp Austin 2020.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/reading

IndieWebCamp Austin 2020
Session: Reading posts
When: 2020-02-22 15:30



  • status: to read, currently reading, finished reading
  • title/isbn/author's name
  • p-read-status microformat - the process of adding a microformat: we could just add a p-category = to_read

statistics and reading progress seems to help encourage reading


  • to read: nice to have a "reason" field
  • acquired (purchased, borrowed (from someone, or library), downloaded)
  • started reading
  • finished chapter or at a certain page number
    • or read a particular section or range of pages (especially for progress)
  • finished reading
  • rated, reviewed, or recommended
  • returned the book, or sold it, or passed it on to someone else
  • retained the book in your library, possibly to loan out

(there may be a progress html element?)

idea of sharing a book

Tantek ร‡elik has a "library of infinite loan" - only rule is "don't throw it away", ok to loan it forward on same terms, ok to return it to previous person.



roughly 300 people have used indiebookclub.biz

  • progress: would need to add both numbers yourselves (or one of the following pairs)
    • start page and end page
    • end page and total number of pages
    • start location and end location (for Amazon Kindle)
    • end location and highest location number (for Kindle)

can fallback to p-summary (since there is no e-content)

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