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Spreading the IndieWeb Beyond Developers was a session at IndieWebCamp East 2020.

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IndieWebCamp East 2020
Session: Spreading the IndieWeb Beyond Developers
When: 2020-11-14 13:50 PM Eastern


  • Tracy Durnell (facilitator)
  • How can the IndieWeb spread to non-technical people / non-developers?
  • How can we diversify the kinds of people who participate in the Indie Web? Who might be interested?
  • What's been done in the past?
  • Using social marketing practices as a way to figure out barriers and messages that might resonate with folks who blog and have their own sites already

This relates to the earlier discussion of Generations https://indieweb.org/generations - which is well worth updating



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hard to take people get their own domain is difficult but for a group that would be That way looked at

peter molnar one of the first websites I really liked was from a young woman called Anna (no indieweb connection), back in the days of whimsical web 1.0 1998-ish?); she even tinkered with it, but then her interest - and her site - vanished before the web 2.0 wave - never got an answer, why which leads to : why do or don't people have website? showcase? tinkering? hobby? etc. instead of approaching from the "let's get more (.*) on indieweb" try to look at why they have or why they do not have a site what they want to achieve and help them (or us) see the connections to the indieweb

not groups why do they have a website if not why not


 change perspective how they use the web


based from the creative field
not blog
 media presentation fan fiction disappears
 more authors
 fan fiction
 group has to online presence

Chris Aldrich Quick_Start

 few services plug and play services
 to make it easy to make an indie web presence
 Indie Web as a service
 (great value for money gyuri)
service disappearing


leaving the indie web (and the indieweb wiki itself) because it is too hard
(see one of the most recent https://kevq.uk/removing-support-for-the-indieweb/ ) 
* too technical

Caroline Kuhn

  • How hard is it to ask questions?

too many questions my intention open and particapitory tools gives agency needed for young people students fancy sexy tools out there do think make this space friendly but challenging too transformation happens will they manage the wiki how to make all this you're biased, Chris walking version of this Chris people like me not techie more friendly comfortable coming in


came at it with little technical knowledge write down your thoughts and feelings make it a list many of us will look for that document where the problems are

tough part once you know hard to remember how it was when you did not know define what that thing is

web mention and back feed blows right over you head

leaving the indie web

he is still indie web has his domain how can you drag it down to web mentions on Twitter you can @at mention accross services

I have a site

Peter Molnar

create a reverse indiewebify.me "questionarie": I want to ...

  • cross-post to Facebook -> POSSE
  • save my instagram on my wordpress -> PESOS
  • etc

we could ask these questions what would you like to do


never asked anybody what you want to do creep on people you knew mastodon more exciting they list servers by topic like Linux trying to figure out how to foster communities of interests but what interactions would be cool to have

Tracy bring yourself into those conversation discoverability how the web is all about connecting people

is it ok if a billion people posting to sites
nobody knows about indieweb
website intentions
publishing with varying privacy
everybody is publishing on their own sites

that's all they can handle Are we talling about them?

Chris definitely considering them i

Petrer Molnar - wordpress had pingbacks for over a decade -> people have no idea it's there, and, unless they disable it they will ping other sites automatically

Tried and failed angelo because of spam -> pingback is indeed very prone to spam; webmention was designed to be a bit more resilient by default, plus there is /Vouch

Everybody want things just to work

Gyuri talking about web3 (Gyuri, could you please link the relevant sources, pages, etc? ) sure also:

   browser-as-server has been tried a long, long time ago, and sadly, it failed in that iteration:
   - https://dev.opera.com/blog/taking-the-web-into-our-own-hands/


bring the problem into the classroom facial recognition gender, race I put that first there show them what's happening open web assignment is turn it in in the LMS I dislike it but I am trapped there write a blog post instead of an essay issue related to technology and education impact evaluation comments and a reflecting piece wordpress.com (?) you have your own(ish) domain that is what I can handle publishing their blog posts how do I do in my wordpress their blog posts can be mine so a lot of code subscribe to my blog and leave acomment with a link to your web site last semester asked them to write w wikipedia aricle on women in fashion bangladesh building women in read project angry why do I have to write into the wiki it did go a little bit wrong you need to be bold to do these things do soemehing for the web socially what can I put things into the next iteration

show and tell


principles for life find the other

bring people to the web conversation is a sacrament

find my root user

person page for her

a lto of conversations she has stasrted up her own wiki we converse cross our wikis

a Hyperconversation

A conversation explicit referntial linking to a hyper object something that you cannot enclose one of my goals is to unify our identities in a single object and have conversations not only from our sites

we do not need webmention

read her work need lots of tools I can import objects into her sites search with filter expressions chat logs link from those chatlogs people can join the conversation an opportunity not just engage in the conversation walk around the web and contact people and hashes

I point them to this object lots of ways to reach it and reach me have to use lot's of tools torami network? beaker browser hyperspace see torrents with each other we literalyy own the web together 2 or 3 join


this wonerfull web page 20 students joining the conversation need a lot of knowledge


root user not able to edit it want others to engage

caroline home school my children stasrted using tiddly wiki it is difficult for people to own their data and the tools

maybe again fish lives in the water

teach the people to own their tools of production


I think it is

this is just a wiki

I haven't set up my infrastructure

so how do you have conversation

they speak from their sites

go to their site and read what they have written

and copy portions back

you are moving manually text

it is not an organic conversation

Tracy we are at time

Tracy big picture notes (written after the session):

   "moving the venue" where people do things online -- everybody's publishing, just on different platforms
   perspective people have about what their goal is for their website
   different things draw people to the Indie Web -- control of data, -- and they face different barriers based on their interest, although the technical challenge is faced by all
   invitation to engage with some level of challenge? 
   use welcoming non-technical language, use one-on-one connections to get people using tools
   don't be tied to the name "indie web" but how it works -- engage with other movements pulling the web away from technical requirements
   conversations in public can draw others in


h0p3 notes


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