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POSSE How To & Best Practices + Fediverse was a session at IndieWebCamp Nuremberg 2023.

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Tantek used his site to post to Twitter, thinking of his site as a Twitter client. Later on he started thinking about notes on his own site being the main thing and Twitter as secondary

  • his site outlasted many other sites he has posted to

Answering questions about POSSE


It bridges the gap between 'where do I want to post?' and 'where do people want to read?' Businesses could use it as 'push your content to as many places as possible'. For us IndieWeb users it's more about where the people we care about are reading posts.


Tantek does not POSSE to LinkedIn, it's just not for him. Others may and may enjoy. We don't all have to POSSE to the same places, that is fine.


You can fit the content you POSSE to the silo/place you want to POSSE to. You can POSSE notes to twitter, runs to Strava, photos to Instagram. Posting your Github issues to Twitter feels wrong.


Start with 'manual until it hurts'. For example on Twitter: which part of the (maybe longer) post goes into the tweet? Maybe not all content, but add hashtags? Once you do the same thing over and over again, automate it. Don't start with the automation, you might get it wrong.


Tantek might delay certain posts, only POSSE it to twitter a few days later. This gives peace of mind as you can't edit once you tweeted. With Mastodon you CAN update the post, so you might POSSE right away. With Mastodon we get distributed updates in a way that we didn't get with RSS. (Some readers may never fetch the updated post.) Tantek actually delays his Atom feed by 10 minutes for this reason.

Mastodon / Fediverse

Twitter interactions are very down for Tantek. Not even a percent of his followers saw the tweet. On Mastodon he has a lot more interaction.

    • A11y: try to view your website on a projector with the lights on. Does the contrast work? (This is a Mastodon bug)

Tantek does not have an aggregator for hashtags, so he just links to the indieweb.social Mastodon instance.


Tantek started federating using Bridgy Fed in 2022:


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