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Strava was a session at IndieWebCamp Nuremberg 2023.

Notes archived from: strava



  • Strava is a possible silo
  • You need not pull the data from Strava if you are not tracking your data with there app
  • Strava is a nice 'hub' to get data to your site, as it has many integrations.
  • from where does Strava get the data? is it collected directly by the app or by running gear and then syndicated (oauth) to Strava by garmin/...

PESOS from Strava has advantages. E.g โ€ข It can process your GPX data

  • but you can't get the GPX get out of it
  • Strava can track your shoes or gear
    • Strava does not let you create shoes via the API, only view them
    • Strava does not let you edit shoes via the mobile app, only on the desktop website


  • first goal: use Strava embed (don't own the content at first)
  • then own the data and store it (to reprocess later)
    • PESOS?

Can our own websites be the proxy-in-the-middle between a sports watch app and Strava?

sports watch -> sports watch app -> oauth into your personal site -> oauth into Strava

see what Aaron Parecki posts and marks up: https://aaronparecki.com/2023/10

  • he seems to mark them up with some h-measure, but not much more


IndieWeb Runners Club that aggregates run posts across IndieWeb sites and shows them in aggregate like Strava Groups

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