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Pictures was a session at IndieWebCamp Brighton 2024.

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/pictures

IndieWebCamp Brighton 2024
Session: Pictures
When: 2024-03-09 14:00



Scout has some open questions to begin with

  • Large amount of photos, separating them from content

Paul has example of hosting images, as hosts lots of illustrations

  • They are fairly low resolution
  • Hosts on Amazon S3
  • Set cache control set to a year and a day, saves on cost of hosting
  • Uses Amazon Cloudfront service, again cuts cost
  • 4¢/month! About 1000 users a week

Ros asks about concerns hosting with Amazon, Scout asks why can’t be just images in a directory (Amazon doesn’t feel like that)

Mark (qubyte) says hosting video even worse/more challenging

Ros is putting together a spreadsheet of hosts/costs and plans to share it

Paul is hosting images on GitHub and using a resizing service Mark has come round to resizing images beforehand (posting it from his phone using shortcuts), saves all image transformations to GitHub (JPEG takes up the most size, AVIF etc. formats are smaller)

Chris commits original images to GitHub, creates resizes images on build

Ros asking why put effort into uploading full quality image, when users don’t get to experience that resolution

Any tips on labeling structure

  • Paul stores filename without suffix in database
  • paulrobertlloyd uses a file structure that follows his post URL format (yyyy/ddd/…)
  • why don’t people use YYYY-MM-DD!!
  • overlap between keeping personal archive/backup versus sharing photos with others
  • GitLFS is a solution – but it’s a horrible thing! Has a number of pain points

Jeremy says there’s a tool that creates a mirror of Flickr (Flickr Mirror?), could put that on a sub-domain -*Says doesn’t trust S3 more than any service

How easy is it to get photos off Instagram?

  • Murray says not easy, the photo quality isn’t great

What is Amazon CloudFront

  • S3 is the storage
  • CloudFront is edge CDN (so if somebody in Australia, don’t need to get file from London)
  • There’s a cache between S3 and CloudFront (so only needs to be fetched once)
  • csswizardry has a great article about caching
  • CloudFront allows you to invalidate caching

There’s no one-click solution for storing/caching/delivering images - barrier to entry

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