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Ask If Safe is a button next to a person listed in a safety check that may have been in the area of a disaster, but has not yet marked themselves as safe.

Since this button likely generates a private post to the person being asked, and thus could occur cross-site, it seems like a webaction.

Past IndieWeb Examples

Martijn van der Ven

Martijn van der Ven added a dedicated page for his safety status at The page included a button to request an update. This came out of a discussion on IRC. This page has since been removed as it saw no real use.

Silo Examples


Facebook in particular has ( Ask If Safe ) buttons next to people in their safety check features.

Upon receiving such a request, the recipient may have multiple options, e.g.: (not sure of exact button / UI wording)

  • mark themselves safe
  • declare themselves out of the area
  • ...


When one of these is pressed/selected, it generates a safety status post.


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