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DEV or is a silo-based community of software developers that uses their platform for discovery, publishing articles and networked learning about programming and development topics.

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Their blog platform uses Markdown and Liquid tags for composing posts so one can easily cut-and-paste content from their site for cross posting. The bottom of the post editor has a hexagonal icon with a circle inside that provides posting options including the ability to provide a rel-canonical link to indicate a syndication source.

User interface screen capture of modal window that pops up when the hexagon is clicked. The Modal has a field for putting in the canonical URL of the original post as well as a potential series name once multiple posts in such a series exists.

They provide a facility for cross-posting drafts of articles using RSS and rel-canonical links with details which can be found here:

POSSE Examples

Webmention support

The platform has shown some interest in providing support for Webmention:

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