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Eye-Fi is a brand of SD card that contains a built-in Wi-Fi radio which can be used to quickly transfer images from a digital camera to a computer or mobile device (iOS/Android).

It'd be pretty neat to be able to post photos to your own site (and possibly also POSSE them out to photo silos like Flickr and Instagram) from a mobile device using EyeFi.

Users playing with it

  • tommorris: my use case is this - back on 2014-03-29, I posted this https://tommorris.org/posts/8872 - I would have liked to have taken it with my decent camera (X-Pro1), then posted it to my own site from my phone, with the photo hosted on my own (sub)domain. irc log
  • Aaron Parecki has used an Eye-Fi card auto-uploading to Flickr. As of 2015-07, Eye-Fi announced they would be discontinuing the direct upload feature, and has been attempting to find a replacement.