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Lanyrd was an event silo focused on conferences that appears to be read-only as of 2018-01 (and was down at times during the month).

Data Export

The Lanyrd site has been down/unavailable for several months at the end of 2017/early 2018. It came back up on 2017-01-27, but there is no simple data export other than saving raw HTML pages, screen scraping, and/or back up to the Internet Archive.

A new competing website run by Perch founders Rachel Andrew and Drew McLellan called notist has a blogpost about a tool they've built for transferring some of your old Lanyrd data into notist as well as sending you a copy of it as well.


No one is currently POSSEing to Lanyrd, however there are Bridgy Publish feature requests to do so:

Backfeed from

No one is currently backfeeding RSVPs from Lanyrd POSSE copies back to their indie event post, however, there is a Bridgy feature request to do so:


markup for indieweb

Tantek Çelik: I am very interested in figuring out how to represent all the information on my Lanyrd but on my own site: including my full history of sessions:

Pretty sure most of this is already covered by a combination of h-feed h-entry h-event h-card however I think to know for sure we need to actually fully mark-up all the information in a way it can be consumed and then see what's left over and still needs to be marked up with extra properties, tags, objects etc.




Downtime 2018-01

Numerous people have reported Lanyrd to be down during January 2018. It has been down for over a week. It has now been added to site-deaths.

  • The site came back in read-only mode on the morning of 2018-01-27, with no indication of how long it would remain online. There is no explicit available data export mechanism though users can save pages as HTML or back them up to the Internet Archive or via other manual means.


Downtime 2016-09

Lanyrd appears to have been down for at least part of the weekend of 2016-09-04 per
Lanyrd disappearing all weekend has prompted me to work on adding speaking stuff to my own site. Amazing how much data I didn’t ‘own’.




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