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Nuzzel is a discovery-based service that surfaces articles and news based upon how many of your contacts on silos like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn link to or interact with sources on those services.

The service also allows simple curation for sending a regular newsletter(s) based on your topics of choice.

Discovery of particular news articles can be easily done in the service by a variety of methods including:

  • friends
  • friends of friends
  • by importing Twitter lists
  • subscribing to friends' feeds
  • featured feeds curated by the service itself

The news articles are presented with link previews as well as the commentary from your contacts'/friends' silo-based posts.

The service also keeps track of stories that users have recently read on it though it doesn't make it simple to export those lists.

On the desktop application you can interact with the tweets from your followers that sent the articles.

User Interface

Nuzzel organizes articles by feeds and links to the tweets your friends shared muzzledesktopview.png

One mobile you can get the context of the prompting Tweets by clicking on the facepile of friends who shared the article. Nuzzelmobile.png


The app was originally started by Jonathan Abrams and was sold to Scroll on 2019-02-07. Scroll indicated they would be removing ads from the newsletters and spinning out the business intelligence portion of Nuzzel's business.


Due to the network effect Nuzzel may help spread misleading news or often older news articles that people do not consider the currency of before sharing. [1]

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