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SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization which refers to the practice and results of publishing pages and permalinks on the web in order to rank better (earlier/higher) in web search engine results. In practice IndieWeb sites seem to do better than silos at search engine results.

Anecdotal experience of what does better, in rough order:

  • IndieWeb sites with permalinks with slugs of search terms
  • HTML over equivalent PDF content
  • Silos with permalinks with slugs of search terms
  • IndieWeb sites with permalinks without slugs
  • Other silo results

E.g. searching for "emailefail"

IndieWeb Examples

Notable examples of search terms or phrases showing indieweb results first or in some other highlighted manner such as an explicit preview.

Donald McIntosh

Donald McIntosh's journal of The French Divide beats their official Facebook page, as of 2017-12-30.

Mobile search result from Donald:

Verified by Tantek Çelik on desktop:

Aaron Parecki

(stub) beats the PDF version of the same information on another site.

IndieWeb Wiki

The IndieWeb Wiki itself shows up frequently in top search results. Interesting examples:

"NASCAR problem" is not only the first result in Google (as of 2017-11-15), but shown in a preview box with abbreviated text from the page and a screenshot (almost like an encyclopedic presentation)



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