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Been involved with computers / networking for a little while, had my own FIDO mailbox in the early 90ies, hooked up to the Internet for the first time somewhere '93 I think. Spent some time with web standards and met a lot of great people. Some specs have my name on it, like XHTML for example. Not everything worked out the way I had hoped, I cannot say I've gotten any smarter since you never know but I do hope I've learned from some lessons.

Next to computers, music is the other thing I'm deeply involved with. I had a Vinyl record shop, I DJ, I produce, and I run a Indie record label. I'm a fan of analog times in life, or sabbaticals, or digital detox, whatever, I'm known for dropping out of the Internet for years to explore things you just simply have to do in reality with a clear und undistracted mind.

In my spare time I'm passionate about vintage cars & motorcycles.

People with a computer background call me Schnitz, folks in the music scenes BELP, my real name is Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer, I live in Munich, Germany.

Looking forward to further get indieweb out there!


- S.


Indieweb & Tumblr

  • I want to have a Tumblr template thats really simple, clean, accessible and indieweb friendly and works on most devices, using open standards to the extent that they make sense.

UPDATE: I have h-entry & h-card, bridgy & webmention thru disqus (somewhat) working on my indieweb friendly Tumblr now, still needs tweaking / optimization, but its a good start.

  • I want to add my indieweb Tumblr Template it to the Tumblr-internal template database and promote it to other people using tumblr.

UPDATE: Still needs work to generalize / clean this up. Dumped a first version on GitHub.

  • Write a dead-simple step-by-step tutorial on getting Tumblr indieweb friendly.

UPDATE: This page may be a start

Indieweb & SoundCloud

UPDATE: Needs bridgy implementation. SoundCloud API Adding a new Silo to Filed Bridgy Feature Request: Added Criticism to SoundCloud about commentary lock-in.

Indieweb Sites for Music Promotion / Label Work

  • For my work as a label manager for Schamoni Musik I'm looking forward to creating an indieweb site that allows to POSSE into all the relevant social media platforms. I know a bunch of people in that area who would be very much interested in adopting this when I can successfully show it to them. The music distribution process is all about building communities, and there is a high level of frustration with the current state of things in that area with those people using silos. I hope to get people interested and make a difference, with small steps.

UPDATE: Want to check out whether Known is something out-of-the-box one could use / recommend for this.