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Chris Lott


Pronouns: he/him

Chat Nickname: fncll

Elsewhere: UW Calling Card


* Tear down, but the big decision to be made: do I stick with WordPress?

    • Pros: I can host it myself. I'm very familiar with WP, have reasonable understanding of the architecture, and some PHP skills. WordPress can accommodate a wide variety of length and media. There's obviously a pretty active community generally and in IndieWeb circles.
    • Cons: WordPress is only getting heavier, and it feels like the Gutenberg/Block editor signal continued development in a way that appears to complicate IndieWeb implementation. There are other platforms that have been designed with IndieWeb and federated content in mind. I want to simplify the weight of my future site and go with a minimalistic WordPress is probably overkill.


  • Set up the WordPress IndieAuth Plugin on -- which is destined, I think, to remain a calling card site and a stable home for being my own authorizer, where will be the big tent site. Still trying to figure out of this makes sense -- I want to continue my "fncll" identity, generally, but my long established mail and such makes me want to use that domain (and have something there).
  • Added Mastodon links to profile (also still trying to determine if there's any point, for me, to existing on multiple Mastodon sites).
  • Decided I will stick with WordPress and began setting up FNCLL with IndieWeb plugins.