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Kaja is a chat & wiki bot run by Sven Knebel that answers a number of IndieWeb chat queries, and performs a number of automatic wiki maintenance tasks, like updating the Homebrew Website Club listings on the home page from information on the events page.


  • announces in chat when the IndieWebCamp Youtube channel goes live during an event, and embeds it on the live page
  • !pin13, !mf2, !mf, !mf2-python, !mf2-go, !mf2-ruby, !mf2-php followed by a URL return a URL to to the matching MF2 parser result. (some more variations exist as well). This also works when talking to Kaja directly, outside a channel
  • wiki entries created via Loqi that have the form "Something is <url>, …" get linkified: the url is added as a hyperlink to the defined term and removed from the sentence. Same happens if the URL is at the end of the definition.
  • same for definitions that have a URL after the definition sentence (so saying "Kaja is a helpful bot." is linkified, "Kaja is a bot that edits" is not)

on hold

  • create HWC-page entries for HWC Berlin and potentially others
    • currently working on parsing mf2 from an event posted on a personal homepage
    • probably using two new mf2-attributes: p-transportation and u-map to match things currently added to events
    • challenge: how to co-exist with user-edits and find correct location to put stuff (ordered by timezone is difficult if timezones aren't marked up!)


  • update /next-HWC and next-HWC box on front page
  • add !stream command to give last seen URL
  • update /topic in irc with stream link?
  • mf2-parser commands without URL could work for last URL posted in channel
  • etherpad import (compare and
  • some kind of !tell notifier for users that are seldom in IRC (or something that tells the !tell-er to please use a different channel)
  • are there other commonly needed tools that could use shortcuts?
  • private "specific user is online" alerts?
  • add Kaja to Slack as well, so Slack users can use direct commands

feature requests

Think something would be neat?

  • sknebel, another feature request, for Kaja now! Be able to append to a Inbox section on a user page.
  • Update Events whenever any wiki page that starts with "/event/" in the URL is updated. - Tantek Çelik
    • parse that changed wiki page for an h-event
    • if that event is already on /Events (there is an h-event there with URL of that wiki page)
    • then update any details that (may) have changed (start, end, location locality, name), ok to limit to events using the event template
    • else add an h-event using the event template to the right spot in Events#Upcoming (inside the right month subheading, between the soonest event before/after in that month if any)
    • // this would make it easier to "just" update an individual HWC event page, and have the Events page auto-updated accordingly. So a host in a city only has to edit the specific HWC event page to add their location, and Events and the home page are updated automatically!

See Also

  • "this probably is not Kaja, but a general tool, but can we do anything to easily align videos with chat for creation of demo pages"
  • use selfauth instead of custom, DB-based auth endpoint? (with shared secret it'd be easy to generate the correct signed token)
  • PM-alerts if specific user becomes available
  • PM-countdowns for sknebel :P
  • fix username changes on reconnect
  • stop this from happening
  • Bots on IRC
  • BUG: didn't remove 2017-austin-demos stream after it ended
  • potentially linkify format like . also, start to collect false-positives for linkify
  • mf2 commands should understand gists
  • "do timezone conversions with city names"
  • you need an avatar
  • todo: limit HWCs on front page to some X weeks out
  • do Who is via PM

See Also

  • understand this syntax: Fathom

See Also

  • Feature: complain in chat if HWC queue is empty (for some dfn of "empty")

See Also

  • ^^^ including if it's only "Virtual", and especially complain if it's a Friday and the newsletter is about to go out

See Also

See Also

  • idea: debugging tools: command to find bridgy user pages for user