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Vercel is a serverless web app host in the vein of Netlify and Heroku that allows you to deploy static and dynamic websites. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or frontend frameworks like React, Next.js, Angular, etc can be used.

A GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket or a private git repository that contains the websiteโ€™s code is needed to connect to Vercel so the service automatically builds and deploys the website. Any custom domains, serverless functions, and lots of other features are available to enhance your website.

Once connected, in order to update the website:

  1. User commits changes to the git repo holding the source of their static site.
  2. Vercel receives that commit ping, and triggers a fresh build of the user's site using that latest commit.
  3. Vercel then deploys the site at the domain the user configured.

Vercel Users