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Vero is an Instagram-like social network that is free for now but claims to be pursuing a model sustained by yearly fees and fees from in-app product sales instead of normal advertising models, and has been gaining publicity in February 2018, as well as quick public abandonment with the hashtag #deletevero.

It supports bookmarks/links, listens for music, watches for movie/tv, read related posts for books, location, and photos as post kinds in addition to being able to share with a variety of predefined audiences.


Rapid Abandonment

As illustrated by this Instagram video (click to play), it appears people are trying then quickly abandoning Vero:

Instagram post using a brief snippet from The Simpsons to illustrate entering then leaving Vero

Alleged labor violations by CEO

"Throughout his time there, the company was plagued with problems and allegations of abuse; under Hariri’s watch, over 31,000 complaints of nonpayment of wages were filed against the Saudi Oger."

2018-02-27 Taylor Lorenz: As Vero Blows Up, Backlash Builds Against Social App’s ‘Shady’ Founder (archived)

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