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An assertion is a relationship where one individual/organization makes a statement, asserts, or endorses that anotherโ€™s statement is accurate in their opinion. This can also be the action of issuing a badge.

Use Cases

  • References - An individual wants to give a reference to a resume
  • badges - An individual wants to give someone a badge, which represents an achievement they are asserting/attesting to
  • Endorsement - An individual wants to endorse an assertion someone else has made in a most.
  • Verification - An individual wants a trusted person to post that they are who they say they are or verification that they were at a particular location at a particular time.

Originally documented by David Shanske on his website during Indiewebcamp NYC 2018.


  • How do you post that you are soliciting endorsements or related? For example, asking someone to certify you have a skill(a recommendation), etc?
  • How do you post the criteria for an assertion? Example...a list of criteria for a badge?
  • How do you post an assertion that a person and/or their work at a specific URL, met the criteria at another URL? How does that person consume and dipslay that(badges?)


  • An endorsement of what someone posted as a URL or a reference can be an h-review with the URL inside as a p-item. The original criteria can be possibly be noted as u-in-reply-to. That would indicate that this review was in response to the criteria, but about the item. Alternatively, if this is confusing, a new property, u-criteria,l criteria being defined(dictionary) as a principle or standard by which something may be judged or decided.
  • True or false could be indicated either by rating or tagging a pass/fail using p-category to the post.
  • Consuming of h-review has been somewhat limited. Uncertain of any examples of posting a review of something that can consume microformats, this might motivate that.
  • Asserting something, and inviting others to endorse and support your assertion, is dictated by the person, as opposed to badges, where they are given by others. For example, saying you are good at programming FORTRAN is something you may want endorsed by an expert, and something you may ask for. LinkedIn allows individuals to write recommendations related to particular skills.
  • Inviting someone to review your work, either a particular aspect thereof or overall, could be done using the same properties used to invite people to events, but unsure how to indicate what you are inviting them to do.
  • Although badges are given by someone to you as a visual representation of what they are asserting about you, one would assume you completed a milestone of some sort set by them, therefore you may have posted some form of assertion regarding your completion of that goal, or alternatively, the badge may have been presented unsolicited.

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