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A block list is a list of accounts that a user has blocked on a service or site.


You should keep a block list so you can automatically reject spam or otherwise abusive webmentions.

How to

dobrado checks a block list when receiving webmentions. It currently confirms with the sender that the webmention was received, but then discards the mention and logs the request as coming from a blocked domain. (It may be more appropriate to tell the sender that they have been blocked?)

IndieWeb Examples

Malcolm Blaney can add domains to a block list on his site: unicyclic block.png

Silo Examples


Flickr, on your contacts list page (e.g. - substitute your own username for "tantek") has a link with text "Your Block List" at the bottom left which links to:


Twitter shows the accounts you've blocked under settings:

twitter block list web.png

Apps with OAuth read permissions on your account can also fetch your blocklist per:


Implementation discussions

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