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A bucketlist is a page or collection of events, activities, or life goals one wants to do, typically before dying (or idiomatically kicking the bucket).

Difference between bucketlist and wishist

Wishlists are seen more often in context of things or "stuff" one wants (esp. for birthdays, weddings, holidays, etc.) while bucketlists are often events, activities, life goals one wants to do. There is some structural overlap with what they are and how they present (especially if one were building a page for them), but the scope of things one would put on each is different in experience.

Since the structure is similar, see also want and wish for ideas on how one might structure these posts.

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Framing of the name

I dislike the framing of bucket list. But maybe because I have no desire to kick the bucket, and having a long list would just make me anxious. — Jeremy Cherfas via chat

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