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crop is a common geometric subtraction action taken on photos or images on the IndieWeb when including them in constrained contexts such as a square icon in a facepile or reply-context, or the photo in a photo reply, and also something silos automatically do in photo or multiphoto posts when displayed in-stream which can have unintended results.

IndieWeb Examples

Examples of IndieWeb sites which crop images from other sites when displaying them in various contexts.

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There is a WordPress plugin (? which one ? David Shanske) that automatically crops external images in some use-cases (which ones ? David Shanske).


Miscommunication from cropped text

Auto-cropping photos, especially with photos with text, can result in unintended messages and miscommunication.

Facebook miscrops of photos

Multiphoto post examples:


One cropping technique is to use CSS, e.g. object-fit:cover;

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