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downtime is the time period or duration while a site, whether indieweb, commons, or silo, is offline and unreachable.

IndieWeb Examples

2024-02-19 IndieWeb

For a few minutes on the afternoon (PST) of 2024-02-19 the IndieWeb main site (wiki) was knocked offline, due apparently to a Mastodon stampede.

2015-05-29 IndieWebCamp

For a period of hours, due to lengthy problems including power outage at the hosting provider, and various related services like were down and unreachable.


Why track

Why track outages and downtime?

One reason to track outages on silos and other centralized services is to dispel the myth that large centralized services are so much more reliable than IndieWeb sites, or the myth that they "never go down".

Silo Examples

Lots. See Individual silo pages and add links here.

Hosting Examples

Other Examples

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