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An endorsement is the approval/support of someone or something, typically used to endorse someone's skills in an area.

IndieWeb Examples

Eddie Hinkle

  • Eddie Hinkle started experimenting with endorsements by manually POSSE-ing an endorsement for a colleague on 2018-07-17 to LinkedIn.
    • The approach for this first post was to treat the endorsement as a public reply to the other person's URL (in this case LinkedIn profile since it was a POSSE and the person didn't have a personal domain).

Greg McVerry

  • Greg McVerry collected used webmentions to collect endorsements on a a proposal No special markup was used beyond asking audience to write an endorsement as a reply with relied on the u-in-reply-to microformats property.
    • Webmentions were collected from brig.gy, websites that send webmentions, and anonymous webmentions from [1].

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