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former projects are projects that may have been used by indieweb community members in the past, but have either been abandoned, or failed to implement any key indieweb building blocks — if you’re actively using one of these for your primary personal site, please add yourself to its specific page, and bring it up on the #indieweb-dev chat channel!


Projects that may have supported IndieWeb sites in the past but that appear to be abandoned. In alphabetical order by project name.

  • Converspace
  • Federated Community - please move the below details to the Federated Community page and replace with a short one-line summary:
    • The idea here is to use pop-based email, generic Python scripting, and static HTML to set up a dynamic microblogging and photohosting site. Current workflow includes sending an email to a pop email account. Then when the Python script finds the new email it downloads the email to my static HTML server and also sends out an email to my facebook and twitter accounts for syndication. Currently, the Python script is located here and an example of the static HTML is located here. Next up is adding in the ability to upload photo albums. After that, comments. Former user: George Em on (dead link 2018)
  • Glow
  • Pants
  • Social Igniter
  • Storytlr an open-source lifestreaming platform.
  • TropoVBX - Self-hosted phone numbers! (please move the below details to the TropoVBX page)
    • - appears untouched for 7 years (2018)
    • site for OpenVBX died/acquired at some point, now just redirects to Twilio.
    • IndieWebCamp participants who used it in the past:
      • Aaron Parecki (2011-2012) - Technically it's not web, though it is installed on a web server and has an HTTP API. The real reason I listed it is because I feel the lines between phone and Internet communication are blurring, and this will become more important in the future. 08:37, 17 August 2012 (PDT)


These projects appear to be unmaintained, but they're still open source so you may be able to find something to re-use or a starting point for a new project.

Hello, world.

An open-source tumblr/blog/rss reader/wordpress-like thingy. Post your content easily and collect content from other rss/ostatus capable sites. Also, lets you syndicate what you post onto other sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and grab their content as well (backwards-compatibility ;) Technical-wise: it uses the Ostatus stack, passes SWAT0, BrowserID for authentication, written in Python but meant to run on shared servers.


Main article: Indie.js

Indie.js is an IndieWeb framework for Node.js currently being abstracted and released as a set of modules for building your own IndieWeb-compatible site.

Nucleus CMS

Nucleus CMS is an open source blogging platform. It allows maintaining multiple blogs and is quite extensible through its plugin system.

IndieWeb enthusiasts previously using it on their own site:

  • gRegor Morrill used it on from 2002 to 2015, then migrated to ProcessWire
    • Contributed several plugins and core developments.
  • Given the current development status of Nucleus, I do not recommend using it.

Red Wind

Main article: Red Wind

Red Wind is IndieWebified blog software written in Python and running on Flask. It is intended to be clean, lightweight, and amenable to experimentation. Red Wind is open source and fairly new with minimal documentation.


Past examples:

Main article:
  • suite of distributed networking protocols, alternative to OStatus

No IndieWeb community members are using it on their own site.


Main article: Trovebox

Trovebox (formerly The OpenPhoto Project) is a server-side photo application that lets you store your photos on Dropbox, Amazon S3 or in your garage, and serve them from URLs on your own domain.

IndieWebCamp participants who are using it on their own site:

  • (Johannes Ernst) is running a private instance for his family pictures
  • ...


Words is an open source blogging tool (fork of nornagon/words)[1].

IndieWeb enthusiasts currently using it on their own site:

  • None currently



These projects appear to be offline, unreachable, or have broken permalinks which need fixing and should be considered for adding to site-deaths.

The Locker Project

Main article: The Locker Project

The Locker Project was open source software for collecting your data around the web. Apparently abandoned in 2012, the blog domain is unreachable, and their main domain was neglected and squatted.


Main article: StatusNet

StatusNet was open source software you can setup on your own server for real-time publishing.

IndieWebCamp participants who are or were using it on their own site:

  • Evan Prodromou (2012): (2012(?)-2013 - being converted to
  • ...

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