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monthly recap (AKA month in review) is a post that summarizes your posts from the previous (typically Gregorian) month, that some silos like Swarm automatically generate for you and allow you to cross-post to other silos.

The key aspect of a monthly recap is the recap, which distinguishes it from monthly archives, though a monthly archive could provide a recap at the top as a summary.

IndieWeb Examples

Jonathan LaCour

Jonathan LaCour has automatic monthly recaps on separate pages since 2019-01-03, e.g.:

Summaries can be accessed by clicking on a month in the archive page.

Plugin for the Known CMS containing the archive/summary code.

Eddie Hinkle

Eddie Hinkle has automatic monthly recaps on separate pages. A couple of examples are:

Right now nothing specifically links to the summaries, but they can be access when a user removes the post day, index and post type from a post's permalink. (A post has the permalink of so if you remove 30/1/article, you reach the month summary that contains that post). I also had day summary and year summary pages available at the same url structure.

One thing to note is that the map of checkins is actually just a png image, so it is marked up with a u-photo. An eventual text-based summary will be created so someone could follow my monthly recaps rather than my individual posts.

Silo Examples


Swarm automatically generates a monthly recap and notifies you when it's ready.

Notification when it's ready (apparently 2 days after the month), on lock screen, and in notifications list in app:

Screens from monthly recap post:


  • show a map with all of the locations (all checkins, or all posts with location for that month)
  • most liked photo (or top 3?) of that month
  • most responded to post (or top 3) of that month (e.g. article with the most comments)

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