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A week note (AKA weekly notes, weekly summary, weekly roundup, or week in review) is a post (usually a note) published at the end of the week that summarizes that week’s goals, accomplishments, events, posts, or other week-specific content the author wishes to share, similar to a monthly recap, yet for a week, and typically manually written.


  • Weeknotes are a good way to reflect on what you have accomplished in the last week
  • In the future you can look back and see a summary of what happened that week
  • Over time you can see how much you have done week to week
  • You can see how you have evolved over time while reflecting on old notes

How to

How to post

The most common way to share weeknotes is to write a blog post sharing your notes on what happened in your life in the previous week. Many weeknotes use bullet points to communicate notes as opposed to long-form prose, although there are community members that write long-form content in their weeknotes.

Weeknote Prompts

Here are a few things you could talk about in your weeknotes:

  • What you did with your personal website
  • What you learned
  • What media (books, TV shows, movies, etc.) you consumed
  • Where you travelled
  • What you ate
  • How your work went
  • Something interesting that happened to you

You can share as little or as much as you want in a weeknote. Weeknotes do not have to include personal information.

IndieWeb Examples

Alice Bartlett

since 2019-03-02 at least

Nat Buckley

since 2019-03-09 at least

Andy Bell

since 2019-03-09 at least

Jamie Tanna

  Jamie Tanna has been posting weeknotes since 2020-01-05


gRegor Morrill posted a couple times starting on 2020-01-18 but never stuck with it, partly due to pandemic interruptions. E.g.:

gRegor calls them "Weekly Roundup" posts

Rowan Manning

Rowan Manning writes weeknotes on his rowanmanning.com blog since 2020-11-01

Barry Frost

 Barry Frost writes weeknotes 2021-08-29

Mark Sutherland

Mark Sutherland has been writing weeknotes since 2022-01-09

Mark calls them "Weekly Notes"


Previous Examples


https://www.sonniesedge.net/posts/week-note-01 was Week Note 1, now (2022-05) appears offline (domain parked)

Silo Examples


Swarm has “The Weekly Swarm” which appears to be only accessible/viewable in their iOS app, and has excerpts or summaries of your friends’s checkins especially photos in various sections such as:

  • 🌎 On the road with 5 people (unsure how chosen) with their "top" checkin/photo and a ( See where he/she went ) button to see more of their checkins.
  • 🎉 Movies, concerts, and more with ~3 people (unsure how chosen) with their "top" entertainment related checkin/photo, and potentially a ( Check showtimes in Foursquare button for movies seen by more than one of your friends
  • 🔥 Hot right now with ~3 people (unsure how chosen) with their "top" checkin/photo
  • 🌟 Weekend adventures with ~3 people (unsure how chosen) with their "top" weekend-related checkin/photo
  • 💰 Most coins earned with the top 3 points earning checkins across your friends (possibly more than one checkin per friend)
  • 👑 New Mayorships with ~3 people (unsure how chosen) with their "top" checkin/photo that earned a mayorship
  • 😭 Mayorships lost with ~3 people (unsure how chosen) with their "top" venue that they lost the Mayorship of and after how many days


  • capjamesg tried to write weeknotes but found it hard to think about what to include. James is revisiting the weeknote concept as of May 2022.


Alternative names for week notes:

  • Weekly Roundup
  • Weekly Notes
  • Week in Review

There are also different cadences:

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