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Palala is a public-timeline project for IndieWeb at being spearheaded by bear.

The goal is to create a public timeline of anything that is pushed to it or that it pulls h-feeds - ala the Twitter public timeline or what are called planets in the traditional RSS/Atom feed world.



  • Retrieving items for a domain


  • h-feeds -- any known IndieWeb domain will be scanned for new items
    • Perhaps from chat-names, or perhaps preferably: Recent Logins from the past year.
  • PuSH
  • micropub -- need to chew on this idea
  • API - Retrieving items for a given date range
  • authenticated endpoint to mute or remove any items or domain
  • register an endpoint to receive updates via push, xmpp, irc ???
  • ???


The name Palala is from the Lephalale (Sotho) word "one that inundates".

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