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rel-feed is the standard for linking to multiple (potentially alternative) h-feeds from a site's homepage using the code rel="feed" on those links.

See h-feed: rel feed


You should link to your separate feeds with rel=feed from your home page to:


Add the attribute rel="feed" (or append " feed" on an existing rel attribute) on links from your homepage to your separate h-feed pages.

<link rel="feed" type="text/html" title="My blog's feed" href="feed.htm" />

IndieWeb Examples


Indieweb users who publish rel=feed on their site

Kartik Prabhu

Kartik Prabhu uses rel=feed on since at least 2015-01-01.


bear uses rel=feed on since at least 2015-08-01 to link to his feeds page from his front page.

Pelle Wessman

Pelle Wessman uses rel=feed on since 2015-10-19 to link to his feeds for bookmarks and social interactions.

Christian Weiske

Christian Weiske publishes rel="feed" since 2016-02-17 from his blog index and tag pages to provide full-text feeds for readers.


People/code that consumes rel=feed


Bridgy uses rel=feed for posse-post-discovery since 2014-04-18. From a user's homepage Bridgy needs to find their unfiltered h-feed in order to find syndication links for all post types


Woodwind uses rel=feed for h-feed#canonical_feed_autodiscovery since 2015-05-12.

Malcolm Blaney

Malcolm Blaney has a reader at that uses rel=feed for feed discovery since 2016-02-10.

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