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swag is indieweb apparel and accessories you can purchase.


You can get stickers at most IndieWebCamp and Homebrew Website Club meetups! Just ask an organizer! (If you're an organizer and want to get a stash of stickers to give out, get in touch with Aaron Parecki!)

If you create a Stickermule account, you can order your own sticker packs directly from Stickermule. Small quantities of stickers are relatively expensive, so it only makes sense if you order at least 100. Aaron Parecki also occasionally makes large orders, so he may be able to ship you batches as well much cheaper.

indiewebcamp-sticker.png indiewebcamp-die-cut-sticker.png microformats-sticker.png

The artwork for the stickers can be downloaded from here.

Current T-Shirts


Shipped from the US:

Shipped from the EU:

Past T-Shirts

Hello My URL Is


Brainstorming for Future

  • T-shirt with picture of grain silos and caption "I am my own silo." --Suggested by David Shanske at IndieWebCamp LA based on a quote from Jeremy Scudder (see tagline for attribution)

See Also

  • tagline
  • Animal Crossing t-shirt: https://gregorlove.com/2020/04/represent-the-indieweb/
    • "Represent the #indieweb on your Animal Crossing island! To get your own, access the kiosk in the Able Sisters store and search for Design ID MO-5MDH-M0LJ-3MX1.

      Also, if you want to visit my island, add me as a Switch friend." April 30, 2020