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Per, this open source project is โ€œno longer maintained and might be unsafe to run on a public server. It is running on an old version of PHP and the Zend framework and has not been upgraded to latest versions and security patches.โ€ (retrieved 2022-05-22)

Storytlr is an open source lifestreaming platform that is no longer maintained. It automatically syndicates content from many social services (Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, etc.) and supports content publishing with syndication to Twitter. Making it a great tool for either a POSSE or a PESOS approach to the indieweb. Other features include ActivityStream feed with PuSH support, Webfinger support, microformats support, AtomPub API (experimental), Pingback and more.

The last commit on this project was Feb 13, 2014.


Storytlr is an open-source project released under the Apache2 license. It is available in RPM packages and can also easily be deployed from source. Follow this install guide if you want to get started.

IndieWeb and FederatedWeb support

  • Data formats
    • Microformats annoted stream (mf1, mf2, h-atom, etc.)
    • Atom feed with activitystream extensions
    • Web actions annotations (share/reply)
  • Protocols
    • Webfinger
    • PubSubHubBub (producer and consumer)
    • OpenID delegation (adding openid2 links in page header)
    • Pingback (send and receive)
    • AtomPub (publishing API)
  • IndieWeb Use cases
    • POSSE -> syndicate to twitter
    • PESOS -> syndicate from all popular web services, e.g.:
      • likes from YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud are PESOS'd into notes on your site (which are then themselves POSSE'd back to Twitter as notes)
      • @-replies from Twitter are PESOS'd into private notes on your site
    • Federated send/receive of mentions via Pingback


Here is a not exhaustive list of ideas and todos. You can also have a look (and submit) ideas/issues to the project Github

  • Client-side API (Rest/JSON)
    • Command line client (I want to easily post status updates from my command line)
    • Mobile client (will be Android first) (especially to post and syndicate pictures out), more syndicate targets, support for federated commenting with Salmon.
  • Webmention support
  • Federated threaded conversations
  • Follow other storytlr/indieweb users and consume their data
  • Post by email

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