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July 10-17, 2020

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Day 3 Wrap Up
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From Indieweb Monolith to Microservices
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A post with a bit of preamble about how link backs work and a release of a plugin for Pelican for sending Webmentions.
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Integrating Webmention with my blog
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I migrated my site from Jekyll to Hugo. Indieweb-ifying Go templates is a heck of a lot easier than the pain of using Liquid. I also moved all of my old comments from Disqus to a static blob of JSON, using a forked version of Paul Hammant’s escape_from_disqus. How I handle new comments (non-Webmention or otherwise) is to come, but Tom Doe’s approach using Netlify Forms seems pretty neat.
Simple Location 4.1.6/7 Released
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Pirate Book Chest
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Micropub is a IndieWebCamp Pop-ups 2020 session.

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feudal internet

feudal internet is a metaphor for the silo-dominated web introduced in Bruce Schneier’s 2013 article You Have No Control Over Security on the Feudal Internet.

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platinum-level customer support

platinum-level customer support is what you as a creator of your own CMS or IndieWeb hosting service should give to the first person (besides yourself) who decides to try using it.

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ProseMirror is an open source toolkit for writing rich-text editors on the web that stores data as JSON objects instead of markup.

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Proof is a CMS built by Marquee.

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