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January 21-28, 2022

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Topics discussed:

  • Troubleshooting PHP in WordPress
  • Collecting best practices for organizing pop-ups
  • Testing automatic live Zoom transcription
  • Pros and cons of preserving automatic transcription in records
  • Ephemeral posts - replicating Stories on your website

Topics discussed:

  • Longevity of websites - printed websites
  • How to replicate unprogrammed live interactions online - status indicators
  • How we can safely and meaningfully interact online - expectations of different platforms
  • How to make pre-recorded events more useful - capturing context, transcription, commentary

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Pop-up Organizing

Pop-up Organizing is a great way to bring together the IndieWeb community online for shorter single-topic discussions.

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ClassicPress is a community fork of WordPress that emerged due to resistance to the introduction of the Gutenberg visual editor.

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pixelated is in the context of the IndieWeb a reference to the use of pixelated images for a variety or reasons like privacy, and a way to blur potentially arbitrary images received from external sources.

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LimeSurvey is an open source survey tool also available as a service with a decent UI, that can be self-hosted on an IndieWeb site.

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