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A blog (or weblog) is an online journal or diary typically written by one person (there are some group blogs) about whatever subjects they wish (like science or politics), usually on its own domain, often a personal IndieWeb site; blog or blogging is also the act of posting to a blog; there is also a .blog top-level domain.


There are many reasons to start and regularly post a personal or perhaps semi-professional blog.

Keeping a blog of things you are learning and have learned is a commonly touted thing of interest to prospective employers as well as a chance to demonstrate some the skills you have and acquire.

Blogging about what you learn as you learn also demonstrates curiosity, self-motivation, and an interest in actively learning & growing new skills, all of which are strong positives for creatives of all types.

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IndieWeb Examples

The vast majority of the IndieWeb community blog on their personal sites.

Modern blogs are expected to post articles, thus check here for IndieWeb Examples of blogs with articles:

Originally blogs often consisted of a series of links with maybe some commentary / summary, or journal entries without explicit titles or names. See:

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