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A wish is a post indicating an acquisition or purchase either you wish to make or which you hope someone might purchase on your behalf for a birthday, anniversary, baby shower, wedding, or other event.

A collected list of such physical goods could be considered a wishlist, or be used as a personal online gift registry, baby registry, or wedding registry.

These might also be called desires as well and could potentially include non-physical goods.

IndieWeb Examples

Ashton McAllan

Chris Aldrich

  • Chris Aldrich has been posting wishes on his site since 2016-07-19 using the Post Kinds Plugin for WordPress. These are essentially simple notes with photos, links to the items on sites where they're available for purchase, and usually quick descriptions. Post Kinds also uses a shopping cart icon as a visual indicator for these posts. His aggregated wishlist can be found here.

Silo Examples


  • Amazon has a relatively well built out wishlist functionality on their site that allows one to create multiple wishlists (public or private) and share them with friends.
  • Screenshots appreciated...

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