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A presentation or slide deck is an online version of the visual portion of a demonstration typically presented in person at a conference, workshop, or other event. At in person presentations slides are often projected onto a screen for easy viewing.

Typically a presenter will post a copy of their slides before or after a presentation to allow users to view them either after-the-fact for follow up or they may post them contemporaneously to allow remote-viewers a better experience. Some people may keep copies of their presentations online as part of their portfolio. Some conferences may request a copy of one's presentation or a link to for viewing after the event.

IndieWeb Examples

A multitude of good examples can be found on the page for Presentations about the IndieWeb.


Tools, frameworks, resources for making presentations.

  • shower.js (needs link) - HTML presentation framework
  • reveal.js an HTML presentation framework
  • Template:slideshow - turn any indieweb wiki page into a slideshow! See link for details how.


CMS Support

Some CMSs may have plugins or other functionality to make implementing presentations on one's own site easier.

  • Known has a simple presentations plugin built into core that can be enabled.
  • WordPress has a number of stand-alone plugins with varying functionality

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