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IndieWebCamp NYC 2016 Planning



Your organizers for IndieWebCamp NYC 2016:


Want to help IndieWebCamp NYC run as smoothly as possible? Sign up to volunteer!

  • ...

Any questions about volunteering? Ask one of the organizers in IRC.

To Do

Organizers, feel free to take these tasks and either quickly do them, or claim them (to work on them) and your name in front of the item.

  • update the 2016/NYC page to have all the same sections as 2015/SF
  • create all other 2016/NYC/ subpages (see 2015/SF for what subpages it has)
  • ... add anything else to this list that you think needs to be done before the event!


General areas/roles of responsibility that we need organizer / volunteer help with.

  • Venue: Tantek (with help from Lara)
  • Food: Lara (with details from Tantek)
  • Signs: Lara
  • Video equipment for broadcasting (and hopefully recording) demos: (David Shanske)
  • ...


  • Are there enough extension cords / power strips for everyone sitting at the tables to plugin in their laptops?
    • Yes.
  • Does MozNYC have extension cords, surge protectors, and a screen for presentations in the event space?
    • Yes. We have the presentation capabilities in 2 of the conference rooms and one in the main lobby/kitchen area where ~12-15 people can sit around the table and couches.
  • What are the number of rooms available simultaneously, capacity, and facilities in the event we break into groups?
    • 1 large conference room (~15 people)
    • 1 large table + couches area (~15 people)
    • 2 medium size rooms (6-8),
    • 2 small rooms (2 people each)
  • Do we have Large (4x6 or bigger) sticky notes?
    • TBD. If we need something else we can go to Staples and pick up, it's around the corner.
  • have sharpies?
    • Yes

Initial Planning

This is an archive of the initial planning for IndieWebCamp NYC 2016, originally found here.

2016-01 IndieWebCamp NYC.

  • Mozilla NYC is a very doable weekend venue (8-15 people, several breakout rooms)
  • Interested:
  • co-organizers: ...
    • Tantek Çelik can help co-organize and be the Mozilla connection to help with hosting
    • David Shanske willing to try to work with anyone who needs help in the Northeastern United States, and possibly farther afield if sufficient notice.
    • ...
  • ...

Some date constraints:

  • weekends are preferable
  • I ( Tantek Çelik) can get in-office help thru end of February 2016 for Moz NYC venue, not necessarily after.
  • FSa work better for David Shanske so we're considering those dates first. But he has nothing scheduled for January/February weekends and would accept any.

Possible dates: (all are Friday…Saturday) Please add your ** +1/0/-1 signature preferences!